• Things to Consider When Buying Company Computers

    Things to Consider When Buying Company Computers

    With remote and hybrid work becoming more widely adopted in a post-COVID business landscape, purchasing the right computers for your company is vital to the productivity of your employees. How do you determine the right choice for your business?

    Below is a list of what to consider when buying company computers.

    Things to Consider

    Your Team’s Needs

    The first step to purchasing company computers is conducting in-depth research to understand your team's needs.

    Technology Needs

    Before purchasing computers for your business, you should consider the technical capabilities or specifications. Different members of your team will have different technology needs depending on the nature of their work, as will different types of companies.
    For instance, a graphic designer will have different needs than an administrator, and a media company that does a lot of video editing work will need powerful processors and graphics card more RAM and storage.

    Capacity Needs

    You should also consider the size, locations, and roles of your team members when purchasing computers. This will determine the number of computers you should get and the variety of devices you’ll need. For example, if your sales team is on the road, they will most likely need laptops and cell phones rather than desktops.

    Where and How Machines Will Be Sourced

    There are two primary purchasing methods when purchasing computers in bulk: sourcing them from the manufacturers directly or through a reseller. Manufacturers typically sell directly only when the number of purchased devices is in the thousands. Resellers, on the contrary, sell devices in smaller deployments and offer more variety. Therefore if specific departments need different types of computers because of their unique tasks, resellers can more easily accommodate your organization.
    Your organization can also work with a managed service provider (MSP). (MSPs often act as resellers.) The benefit is that they understand your needs and can easily manage the support for the new device.

    What Support Options are Available

    In our highly technology-driven world, business stops when our computers break. Support post-purchase should be a significant deciding factor when purchasing new devices.
    Ideally, a business will have access to quick support if they need repairs or have other issues. Some resellers and manufacturers offer on-site and next-day repairs, which is highly convenient. The more issues covered and the faster the response time, the better.
    Be sure to ask about the issues covered and seek plans that include software and hardware support.

    Your Budget

    Everything boils down to your budget. Your business’s budget determines what’s available and the options you can consider.
    Besides the buying price of the computers, you need to consider how much value the devices will bring to your company. Sometimes the purchase of expensive machines is justified because of the increased productivity it will bring to the team.

    Making the Purchase

    Purchasing computers for your organization can seem daunting. With the proper knowledge, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and set your team up for success.
    Are you looking to purchase computers for your business? Contact us to get started with our team of experts, who can help evaluate your business’s needs and explore your options. 

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