• ICYMI: February's Networking Before 9 Powered by Google

    ICYMI: February's Networking Before 9 Powered by Google

    Content provided by Avril Aguero, Operations Assistant at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

    Let’s kickstart the new year with the first Networking Before 9 Powered by Google of 2023! 
    Everything You Need to Know About Mandiant, One of Google’s Newest Acquisitions
    Google’s newest investment in the public sector represents their full-force push of Google to bring everything they have and all their capabilities to bare across healthcare, Federal and State government, education, and higher education along with nonprofits.  
    Google has invested over 5.4 billion dollars in Mandiant, a cybersecurity company based in Reston, VA. With this investment, Google has become the #1 cybersecurity firm in the world!
    Today’s guest speaker, Michael Patrone, who has more than 13 years of experience in cybersecurity, presented the fantastic benefits that Mandiant has as a cybersecurity firm as a business that operates in over 20 countries. Mr. Patrone is the Senior Systems Engineer, Public Sector, Federal Civilian at Mandiant.
    Mandiant focuses on breach intelligence, which has them investing over 200,000 hours a year on the frontline. They are also experts in cybercrime, cyber espionage, cyber-attacks, and hacktivism.
    Google is about bringing intelligence to anyone in the world for free, which is what makes Mandiant a great asset for Google, perfectly aligning with their mission:  To make every organization confidently ready for cyber threats.
    One of the biggest advantages of Mandiant is that they offer several cyber security consulting services based on your needs. You may be wondering, how is Mandiant intelligence different? Well, the answer is divided into five which are breach intelligence, operational intelligence, expertise, machine intelligence, and adversary intelligence.
    Some of the Cyber Security Consulting services they offer are:

    • Incident Response
    • Risk Management
    • Cyber Defense Transformation
    • Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & Operational Technology
    • Cyber Security Due Diligence
    • Ransomware
    • Targeted Attack Testing
    • Identify First Security
    • Cloud Security
    • Threat Intelligence Services
    Mandiant focuses on preventing an incident by identifying early threats, reducing impacts by disrupting the attack chain and improving the efficiency of your team. If you are looking to expose adversaries, accelerate response and elevate your security program, Mandiant is the way to go.
    Mandiant Academy Solution Overview:
    Through hands-on incident response and threat intelligence teachings delivered by frontline experts, and a proctor-based certifications program, Mandiant helps advance your team’s operational skillsets and problem-solving competencies for increased security maturity – before, during, and after an incident.
    With flexible formats to meet every organization’s needs:
    • Private
    • On-Demand
    • Public
    • Custom
    • Scenario Development
    • Corporate Cyber Awareness
    Mandiant also offers General Courses either Instructor Led and Web Based. Their approach is to scale their expertise and intelligence in automated solutions delivered through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform.
    So, are you prepared to step up and join Mandiant? If so, then what are you waiting for?
    If you want to learn more about Mandiant, visit their website here!
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