• Why is organic food healthy for you?

    Why is organic food healthy for you?

    Why is organic food healthy for you?

    Not only did the sale of natural-foods giant Whole Foods Market to Amazon in 2017 signal the increasingly important role organic food plays in the US but demonstrates that it is a booming business!
    So why are consumers spending more money to buy organic food? While some consumers buy organic because they believe it’s better for the environment, even more do so for health-related reasons.

    The realization that many people have developed cancer eating non-organic food sprayed by Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, has been a game-changer for many Americans. In multiple lawsuits, Monsanto has been ordered to pay billions of dollars to plaintiffs, such as Alva and Alberta Pilliod, who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer as a result of spraying Roundup weed killer on their property over 30 years.*
    So, what are the health benefits of eating organic food?  

    • Avoids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) found in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer
    • Grown in healthy soil
    • Contains vitamins, minerals & enzymes
    • Enhances your energy, digestion, sleep, immune system, metabolism, athletic performance/recovery, mental focus & mood
    • Reduces joint & muscle discomfort
    • Avoids artificial colors, flavors & pesticides
    • Avoids sewage sludge which contains hazardous materials & prescription drugs
    • Safer for farmers & their neighbors
    • Protects streams & lakes form toxic runoff from conventional farming practices
    Where can you source ORGANIC food?
    • Mom’s Organic Market
    • Whole Foods Market
    • Farmers markets
    • Farmers coop – Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) will deliver to drop off points or you can pick up produce at local farms
    • Grow your own organic garden

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