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    American Disposal Services is a family-owned, family-run waste and Single Stream recycling collection provider operating in Virginia, Georgia, and select areas of Maryland and the District of Columbia.
    A family business that started with one truck and one idea, American Disposal Services has flourished for two generations into a trusted, reliable industry leader. Because of the hard work, honesty, diversity, and innovation of our devoted employees, we are honored to serve over 300,000 customers in three states and the District of Columbia. We offer refuse and Single Stream Recycling collection to residential and commercial properties including family neighborhoods, apartment communities, small businesses and large industrial and government complexes. Every single customer is an integral part of our family, and we work tirelessly to bring you the efficient excellent service that you deserve. At the same time, we actively strive to help improve your neighborhoods through numerous local charities, sponsorships, and community outreach.

    During difficult economic times, families come together to take care of their own. When you do business with American Disposal Services, you become acquainted with our friendly, compassionate staff, which works with patience and diligence to satisfy the unique needs of our wide array of customers on a daily basis. In every area we serve, from quaint family neighborhoods to massive industrial parks, to entire municipalities and townships, customers can always rely on the enthusiasm and expertise of our employees. When quest

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