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  • Boxplot Solutions

    Boxplot Solutions


    Information Technology

    About Us

    Boxplot Solutions provides programming and applications for Data Visualization and Reporting, Data Mining / Statistical Modeling, Software / Application Customization and Development and Data Integration and Management. Our expertise and professional experience translate to superior performance for Education, Finance and Health Care industries. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by customizing or creating high quality, practical and cost-effective processes and solutions that enhance their efforts.

    While data centric business decisions are the norm, the experience, level of effort and cost are often issues. We offer a holistic approach to provide accurate and informative information through intuitive, practical and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise in providing custom business solutions tailored to our clients’ needs are designed to assist with their long-term growth and sustainability.

    Our Core Capabilities:

    a. Data Visualization and Reporting
    b. Data Mining/ Statistical Modeling
    c. Software / Application Customization and Development
    d. Data Integration and Management

    What are we looking for?
    a. An strategic partner who can leverage our capabilities to bid on federal government contracts.
    b. An strategic partner who will invest time and money on marketing a newly developed software that has a vision of changing the way the public schools are rated in the US. More at https://ed-intelligence.com/, and https://demo.ed-intelligence.com/