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    Dark Horse Nutrition LLC is an online nutrition coaching service provider that provides customized nutrition and movement programs that meets the individual where they are. Dark Horse Nutrition takes a very unique and personalized approach to coaching. Why I coach the way I do:

    What I've found is that most women are left feeling confused, stuck, and frustrated trying to navigate the world of nutrition and fitness. Due to an abundance of misinformation on the internet and market, they have a constant fear of food which results in an unhealthy relationship with food. They've had some success, but the constant yo-yo dieting has left them feeling defeated. Rather than focusing on the true causes of their inability to keep the weight off, they constantly seek quick fixes.

    What I do is help these women take a deeper dive into their habits and lifestyle to focus on the true and root causes of their unhealthy relationship with food. I do this by focusing on 4 key areas that I believe are the key to long-term success when it comes to achieving optimal health and that has worked for me to lose weight and keep it off. These 4 key areas are Mindset, Nutrition, Emotion, and Movement. By focusing on these key areas, these same women will regain control over their health which will ultimately lead to a more fulfilled and sustainable lifestyle while still enjoying the foods they love!


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