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    We help small to mid-size companies improve the way ''their business does their business'' . We help create engaging environments that run effectively with strategically designed processes.

    Most processes are either dictated from the top or grow organically from the bottom. If from the top, you hear things like ''why do I have to do it this way?, ''why do I have to jump through all of this hoops?''. If from the bottom, you hear things like ''why does everyone do things differently?'', ''where can I get the information I need?''

    Instead we use Strategic Process Design to deliver consistent customer experiences, provide the business with needed information and management reviews and set the staff up to succeed and grow.

    We look at the trade-offs inherent in process, such as when do you want ''speed and trust'' and when do you want to ''stop and check'' or where to be prescriptive and where to allow employees space to be creative. We help you find the right balance for your company and your products.

    Your processes determine how your business does its business - so it determines your culture, your environment, how you communicate, what you measure and track, what information you collect and use, your roles, accountability and decision making mechanisms, what skills your staff needs.

    The process you need at 20 people is different from what will be effective when you are 75 , 150 or 300 people. You need a process that allows you to be nimble, but is structured enough to deliver consistent results and support your growth.

    We are here to help.

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