• The Awards will air at 8:30 PM on Tuesday, June 15 on Fairfax Public Access. They will also be available to view on the Reston Chamber YouTube page starting Wednesday, June 16.

    With a Cox or Verizon Fios digital cable box you will find FPA on channels 10, 30, 36 & 37. With a Cox digital HD receiver, you can find it on channels on 810, 830, 836, and 837 and 1010, 1030, 1036, and 1037.


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    The Van Gils Law Firm offers comprehensive business and estate planning services throughout Northern Virginia and the Virginia Piedmont Region. For businesses, good planning, well-drafted legal agreements and well-documented intellectual property protection helps avoid potentially hundreds and thousands of dollars in litigation expenses. For personal estates, knowledgeable and empathetic planning provides that your assets are handled as you intend with minimal taxation. Guidance for families and executors with probate administration in Virginia is also provided.