• Chick-fil-A North Point Village now Delivers to you via the Mobile App

    Offer Valid: 04/02/2020 - 11/30/2020

    Afternoon everyone,
    If you are not following our Facebook page or getting the emails from Larry via the Chick-fil-A One Mobile App, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting new delivery platform.  
    Are you at the office working or at home working and/or schooling your children and everyone is starting to get “hangry”?  Well we have an option for you…….  We have launched a delivery system through our Chick-fil-A One Mobile App that will allow you to place an order and have us deliver to your door—WHOOT WHOOT.   The only requirement is that you live or work within an 8 minute drive of our store (map is located on the Chick-fil-A North Point Village Facebook page).   Within the Chick-fil-A One Mobile App, just select the Delivery option and we will be on our way.  Easy-peasy/lemon squeezy ��.  This can be a completely contactless process for the guest which is a wonderful feature for everyone right now.   
    Feel free to share this opportunity with everyone you know!
    Have a wonderful day and stay safe,
    Andrea Everett, Team Mom
    1494 North Point Village Center
    Reston, VA 20194
    Store:  703-481-1725
    Cell: 240-419-0426