• Free Virtual Health & Well-Being Coaching Sessions

    Offer Valid: 09/11/2020 - 10/31/2020

    Creating a new way of life while being in quarantine can be hard on our body and mind.  Shifting the way we need to push through our daily activities and the way we need to continue to work can be taxing on our health.  Many of you started to sit more in front of your computers trying to connect and work virtually.  I offer health and well-being coaching which involve talking and movement based sessions.  We do not move our bodies enough throughout the day thus causing major changes in our health and well-being in life practice.  I offer a free 20 minute call for you to discover what your body and mind need most right now.  I help create a method best for you to get movement into your daily life practice and help work through the layers of life to create balance and calm.

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