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    Yoga Nidra to Reset, Renew and Reconnect
    Please share with anyone whom you think (I think everyone!) would benefit!

    Suggested Donation $10 per class
    Pay via Venmo @Madhavi-Rao-2 or
    by paypal https://paypal.me/PranaHealthPC?locale.x=en_US

    5 Week Session via Zoom
    Every Thursday April 30-May 28 8-9PM

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    Unwind & Let Go.
    Yoga nidra offers an opportunity to induce sleep organically and it is a total body relaxation session. The only yoga pose you will be in is Savasana during this guided meditation.

    Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness of that between wakefulness and sleep. It is practiced through a guided meditation while the student lies down and closes the eyes. It is believed to relieve tension and stress.
    Benefits for this practice:
    Reduces anxiety
    Reduces stress
    Promotes mental clarity and focus
    Brings Joy into one’s life
    Brings connection with your deeper and spiritual self