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    Offer Valid: 06/08/2020 - 07/31/2020

    If you are interested in losing weight, increasing your energy, and learning about this life-changing way to eat, consider signing up for GreenFare’s 21-day organic, whole-plant-food nutritional program called Kickstart, developed by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). (www.pcrm.org)

    For $780 (or $680 without blood testing), participants will receive:

    • Daily lunch and dinner entrées for three weeks (43 meals)
    • 2 cholesterol blood tests (optional, but recommended)
    • 2 weigh-ins
    • 1 lifestyle assessment
    • 1 shopping trip/label reading class
    • 3 healthy eating classes
    • 4 organic meals at GreenFare

    Based on research by Neal Barnard, M.D., one of America’s leading health advocates, the Kickstart program is designed for anyone who wants to explore and experience the health benefits of a whole plant diet.

    For more information, contact info@greenfare.com.