• Virginia Governor COVID-19 Briefing Archives

    Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's COVID-19 briefings are linked below. Please refer to the Governor's website to for most recent updates and livestreaming information for regular announcements. 

  • April 13, 2020: UVA COVID-19 Model Indicates Social Distancing is Working

    April 10, 2020: Governor Ralph Northam's Updates

    April 8, 2020: Governor Ralph Northam's Briefing Overview - Election Delays, PPE Updates, Status of Bill Review and Focus on Ethnic/Racial COVID-19 Data Collection

    April 6, 2020: Governor Ralph Northam's Briefing Overview

    April 3, 2020: Governor Ralph Northam's Briefing Overview

    April 2, 2020: Governor Ralph Northam Videoconference Organized by Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

    March 30, 2020: Stay at Home Order Issued

    March 25, 2020: Daily Numbers, Capacity of Health Care Facilities

    March 23, 2020: Daily Numbers, Business Restrictions

    March 20, 2020: Daily Numbers, Workforce Updates

    March 19, 2020SBA Information, Unemployment Numbers

    March 18, 2020: Daily Numbers, Absentee Voting, Blood Shortage

    March 17, 2020: Additional Measures to Combat COVID-19