• Partnering With Document Imaging Company for Effective Redaction

    Partnering With Document Imaging Company for Effective Redaction

    When a situation permits the public to have access to documents containing confidential information, it is critical to redact this information for its protection. This requirement is particularly challenging when there are thousands of pages of documents to review and redact. The old method of hand-redaction with whiteout or a black pen simply isn’t cost- or time-permissive anymore. Instead, various technologies are available to create sanitized documents that keep private information from becoming public. As with any technological advancement, some critical best practices must be considered.


    Many software solutions commonly used, like the Microsoft Office suite and Acrobat, contain some mechanism to “redact” a document. However, these options can be risky because it is both difficult to make the redaction permanent in the document and relatively easy to reverse the redaction. A professional imaging company with secure redaction software is a safer solution than trying to use in-house software.


    When confidential information needs protection, the party who has possession of the information has to decide what does or does not need protection. However, once a comprehensive list of confidential items is prepared, it does not make sense to assign the review and redaction to someone who is not expertly trained in the process. Instead, a document imaging company can redact the documents using the compiled list of protected information. The imaging team is experienced in reviewing electronic documents speedily and effectively, automating as much as possible to complete the identification and redaction of confidential information.


    Whether documents are in hard or electronic form, they generally need to be compiled, organized and identified as part of making them available in redacted form. In these cases, the documents often aren’t in a format that facilitates this process, and they require conversion to an OCR (optical character recognition) format. In converting the documents, multiple versions can be created with page identifiers, “confidential” stamps, or other additions to the document. That conversion can then be used to search the documents to locate confidential information and perform the redaction. The search functionality can also be used for other purposes, such as trial preparation. Rather than having multiple parties perform conversion, identification and redaction separately, a professional document imaging company can perform all of these tasks.

    Didlake Imaging has 30 years of experience partnering with government, legal and medical entities to protect confidential information contained in documents. Our team is trained and subject to non-disclosure agreements, and provides the most efficient and effective document redaction for your needs. Our state-of-the-art solutions allow our clients to upload their documents from their location securely, and we can then partner with them to convert and redact according to their specifications. Didlake Imaging is your one-stop shop for document imaging and redaction. Contact us today for more information about how we can best serve your redaction needs.

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