• Community Engagement Council

    The Community Engagement Council works to support businesses and nonprofits by catalyzing collaborative partnerships, and promotes volunteerism and philanthropy to build success and contribute to local community-building initiatives.


  • Meeting Information

    Date: 3rd Thursday of the month
    Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
    Location: Zoom - Please contact Carrie Willmon for information about attending the meeting. 


  • Q3 Community Engagement Newsletter

    Are you and/or your company looking for ways to give back to the community? Our non-profit members are looking for people just like you! Whether it's donating food, sorting through donations, or contributing funds to further their mission, every bit of help is needed. Click the link to see what our non-profits are currently in need of!

  • Have volunteer opportunities?

    Are you looking for another way to get your volunteer needs seen? CLICK HERE to learn how you can submit and manage your volunteer opportunities!



    Fairfax County Public Schools - Service Learning
    Connecting Classrooms With the Community

    Service learning is a teaching method designed to involve students in authentic and meaningful service to their communities.

    Service learning makes connections between the classroom and the community and provides structured time for students to reflect on their service experiences. It is intended to instill a sense of civic responsibility by encouraging students to assess their impact on the community as active contributors to society. Service Learning is a Work-Based Learning experience as it provides students with Career Exploration opportunities and supports students with developing career interests.


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