• Ribbon Cuttings & Grand Openings


    Experience the perfect kick-off for your business with a Ribbon Cutting, Groundbreaking, or Grand Opening Ceremony - an indispensable component of your comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy. At the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, we are here to support you in making your event a resounding success. We are more than happy to offer guidance, resources, and promotional assistance. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your brand, engage with the community, and set the stage for a prosperous future. Partner with us today, and together we can create a memorable, seamless event that will elevate your business to new heights.

    NOTE: This is a member-only benefit. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are conducted Monday through Friday during operating hours.

    Ribbon Cutting fee: $100


  • What the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce can do for you!

    • After receiving your Event Notification Form and confirming the availability of the event date we will:
      • Promote your Ribbon Cutting via:
        • Dedicated web page on the Events Calendar.
        • Monthly and weekly newsletters.
        • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    • Provide guidance on planning and promoting your Ribbon Cutting.
    • Provide contact information for member caterers.
    • Provide ceremonial scissors and purple ribbon for Ribbon Cutting.
    • Provide a plaque as a gift from the Chamber to commemorate your special occasion.

    To receive the Ribbon Cutting Form or if you have questions, email GRCC Communications.

  • Is This Event for You? Is This Event for You?

    Here's how to determine if this event fits your needs:

    • Members who have opened a new business within the last 12 months.
    • Members who have an existing business in a new location.
    • Members who have recently made beautification or modifications to their existing business.
    • Members in good standing with the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.
  • Selecting a Date & Time Selecting a Date & Time

    • Allow plenty of time for preparation. At least 4-6 weeks to make your arrangements.
    • Be aware of major holidays and other special events.
    • Avoid planning your event on those dates. If you would like to include government officials, take note of holidays when their offices may be closed.
    • When you arrange your ceremony, Chamber must confirm the availability of the date on the Chamber master calendar. Please keep in mind that the date you may want may not be available. We will need other specifics for your event. Please complete the EVENT NOTIFICATION FORM.
    • This assistance is available Monday through Friday.
  • Publicizing Your Event Publicizing Your Event

    A brief program for the event adds a nice touch. It provides recognition for you and your key people. It also provides an opportunity to explain more about the business. As a courtesy to your guests, please begin and end your program on time.

    • Potential and current customers/clients
    • Suppliers
    • Friends and Family
    • Employees and their spouses
    • Those who have helped you get started - banker, accountant, attorney, and advisors
    • •Fellow Chamber members
    • Key government officials
    • Media

    Once you have identified your guest list, here are some tips to remember when inviting them:

    • Prepare a brief, professional letter or invitation, but remember to keep it simple and to the point: who, what,
    • when, where, and why.
    • Be sure to include an RSVP. An RSVP will give you an idea of how to plan. Chamber does not ask for RSVPs from our staff and volunteers.
    • Allow sufficient notice: Between three to four weeks for most events.
    • Be sure to include a map with detailed instructions on how to get to your event. A street address alone may not be
    • sufficient.
    • If parking will be an issue, please use the invitation to indicate and let the Chamber know where you would like guests to park.
    • Send your invitation by first-class mail. Bulk mail may take a week or longer which could affect the attendance for your event.
  • Serving Food & Beverage Serving Food & Beverage

    Although it is an added expense, serving some type of food and beverage is almost a necessity for a successful event.

    • For morning events, coffee, juices, fruit and pastries are usually sufficient. A full breakfast is not necessary.
    • At lunchtime functions, serve some kind of sandwich or buffet.
    • During late afternoon or early evening events, light hors d’oeuvres or finger food are appropriate.
    • For medium and large events you may wish to enlist the assistance of a caterer. They can provide the manpower and experience to assist with the preparations (the Chamber can provide a list of member caterers).
    • If you have not worked with a local caterer before, the GRCC can assist you in selecting one of our member businesses for help.
    • If you decide to provide your own refreshments, be sure to have an adequate amount of food and beverage for your guests as well as ample plates, napkins, trash cans and other supplies.
  • Planning a Program Planning a Program

    A brief program for the event adds a nice touch. It provides recognition for you and your key people. It also provides an opportunity to explain more about the business. As a courtesy to your guests, please begin and end your program on time.

    • THE SHORTER THE BETTER. As a rule, no program or official ceremony should last longer than 20 minutes. The ideal program will be 10 minutes in length. For outdoor events, please remember the weather and plan accordingly.
    • Prepare an agenda, even if it’s just a back-of-an-envelope kind of thing. Things will run much smoother. Your agenda may wish to follow something like this:
      • Sample Agenda:
        • 3:30 Guests arrive and network informally
        • 4:00 Organization/Business leader Welcome Members
        • & Guests, Introduce Elected Officials and VIPs in
        • Attendance.
        • 4:05 Ribbon Cutting Host Comments
        • 4:10 Government Officials Comments (if available)
        • 4:12 Ribbon Cutting and Photos
        • 4:15 Informal Networking Continue
    • Limit the number of speakers and the length of their speeches. Call them the day before the event as a reminder.
    • Introduce only those who need to be introduced.
    • Conclude the program with the appropriate ceremonial or symbolic activity: a ribbon cutting is a great way to let guests know the formal program is over and provides a publicity opportunity for your photography.
    • If the event is an open house or tour, have knowledgeable staff provide guided tours.
    • For groups of 50 or fewer, a microphone is usually not needed.
    • For those programs larger than 50, amplification may be needed. For large groups, a podium or lectern may be helpful.
    • Always have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
    • Consider having some kind of door prize or drawing as part of your program. This may be a great way to build attendance.
    • Finally, send a thank-you letter the after your event to anyone who played a key role in staging it, particularly those who took part in the official program.
  • Media Coverage Media Coverage

    Enhance your media coverage by

    • Sending your invitation to the news directors or city editors at least ten days ahead of your event. Include a brief letter or news release that contains the basics: who, what, when, where and why.
    • Make a follow-up or reminder call the day before your event.


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