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  • It's a Fact!

    When consumers know your business is a member of their chamber of commerce, they are 80% more likely to purchase goods and services from your company. Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce is the largest regional chamber in the Washington D.C. region according to the Washington Business Journal.

    Why is this important?

    There are plenty of exciting opportunities for your business to make new connections while increasing your revenue and building connections within the Greater Reston community. Members gain additional marketing exposure, have access to educational and networking programs, and benefit from our community engagement and advocacy. See our full list of Member Benefits below, and Sign Up Today.


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    • Discount Tickets to 80+ Events, 40 Dedicated to Networking!
    • LeadShare Industry Exclusive Committees
    • Serve on Chamber Committees: Ambassadors, Business Education, Resourceful Women and More!




    • Showcase Expertise at Business Education Series Workshop
    • Free Attendance to BES Workshops
    • Mentoring Opportunities through INCspire


    Dues based on number of employees in your regional office. Valid for 12 months. Join Today!

    0 (Volunteer Only) $280 
     1 - 2 $465 
    3 - 10 $623 
    11 - 25  $852 
    26 - 50 $1,020 
    51 - 100 $1,566 
    101 - 200 $2,035 
    201 - 500 $2,255 
    501 - 1,000 $2,873 
    1,001+ $3,300 
  • Member Testimonial

    As a digital marketing professional and search engine optimization (SEO) expert, I help local businesses improve their rankings on Google other search to get found online to grow their businesses. One of the most important ranking factors on Google for local businesses are relevant local links to their website, like those obtained from a local chamber of commerce. I tell my clients that joining the Reston Chamber, setting up their business profile with a link to their website, is worth the entire annual membership fee from an SEO perspective. We encourage our clients to participate in the chamber's networking activities to maximize their investment in the Reston Chamber for apparent reasons.  

    The bottom line is that for any business who wants to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines should join the Reston chamber as part of an overall local SEO strategy.

    Rick Hogan

    Bleevit Interactive