• LeadShare

  • Generating sales leads is the key to any business success. Leadshare acts as your expanded sales team, providing introductions and “warm referrals” to individuals and companies you want to do business with. Leadshare members build rapport and strong working relationships that support each other’s business initiatives as referrers, customers, suppliers and mentors. Participation in Leadshare grows your professional network, sharpens your sales presentation skills and increases the centers of influence supporting your operations.


    If you are interested in joining one of our Leadshare groups, please fill out this application and email it to Alicia Liddle.


  • Meeting Information

    LeadShare groups meet twice a month. Meetings are being held virtually. Please reach out to the Staff Liaison to access the meeting link. Click the Tab below for meeting times and co-chair information for each LeadShare Group.

  • Tuesday LeadShare Tuesday LeadShare


    Date: 2nd and 4th Tuesday monthly
    Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Committee Co-Chairs:
    Mid-Atlantic Financial Group Prudential Advisors
    FVC Bank



    Date: 1st and 3rd Tuesday monthly
    Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Committee Chair:          Committee Vice-Chair:
    River City Marketing
    Alexander Randolph


    Wednesday LeadShare Wednesday LeadShare


    Date: 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly
    Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 
    Committee Chair:           
    Prana Health
    Yoga & Wellness 
    Century 21
    New Millennium 
  • Interested in Joining LeadShare?

    Director - Membership Engagement
  • Membership Requirements and Expectations Membership Requirements and Expectations

    Membership Requirements and Expectations:

    1. Membership in a LeadShare group is an exclusive benefit to Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce members, in good standing (with all dues current) only.
    2. One representative per industry/profession may participate as a member of a group. Members may only represent the business/industry their seat is designed to represent. The Chamber will maintain a waitlist for members whose seat is not available in any group.
    3. A company may only be a member of one LeadShare group.
    4. Chamber members interested in joining a group may visit all LeadShare groups once with a second visit to any of the groups before applying for admission.
    5. Participants are required to submit at least two “warm” leads per quarter.
    6. Participants are required to participate in at least 1 one-on-one meetings each month. You will also agree to meet with each member of the group at least one time within your first year of joining the group.
    7. More than two absences in any six-month period will be reason for dismissal from the group unless special circumstances apply as determined by the Chamber Liaison.  
    8. A substitute may be sent in lieu of an absence no more than twice in a six-month period. The use of a substitute during an absence will constitute attendance.  A substitute does not have to be from the Member’s business but may not conflict with another business in the group.
    9. Non-Chamber members who are interested in LeadShare may be invited to attend one meeting, for one LeadShare group, in any six-month period.  
    10. It is understood that Chamber membership is one aspect of a comprehensive business development strategy. LeadShare will not prohibit participation of its members in other similar business referral groups.  All active members, however, must meet the requirements for attendance, lead generation and one-to-one meetings.