• Leadership: From Bow to Stern

    Leadership: From Bow to Stern

    Content courtesy of Jason Jackson, Executive Director, Fairfax County Reston YMCA
    “Good leaders must first become good servants.”
    -Robert K. Greenleaf

    • Terrorism
    • 2008-2009 Housing Market Crisis
    • Political Imbroglios,
    • Global Pandemic
    Uncertainty. For certain.
    The 21st Century greeted many with an astounding array and dizzying display of change. Tectonic plates of ideological views, political and economic values, abruptly shifted, moving the landscape of certainty. Some lost their foothold, falling at the whim of gravity’s vice-grip. Others learned to navigate the chaos, sailing away to new horizons, and building a loyal following along the way.
    Were you one of the few, who elevated your leadership skills during times of crisis? There has never been a better time to join the paragon of leaders.
    Here’s how:
    • Leadership is a skill.
      • Being “born with leadership skill” is nothing more than an oxymoron. The wise know this and simply never cease in learning how to lead.
    • The Power of Silence
      • Being an introvert won’t stop you from becoming an effective executive.
        • Managing oneself, while empathetically measuring the results of others, would make Mr. Drucker proud.
    • Bootstraps not needed
      • Great leaders scoff at the Plebian myth of “going it alone” or “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps”, by understanding and executing ideas that keep others from falling in their boots in the first place.
    • Bulls Eye:
      • Great leaders are honest. They sagaciously circumscribe their circumstance and those who they invite into their circle of influence. The word of a great leader is their bond. The network is held to the same expectation.
    What are your leadership Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats?
    To what shore do you journey to? To which quest must you travel to become a great leader?
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