• Philanthropy: An Asset Second to None

    Philanthropy: An Asset Second to None

    Content courtesy of Jason Jackson, Executive Director, Fairfax County Reston YMCA

    Data by Arthur C Brooks, Harvard Kennedy School, demonstrated that becoming a donor increased one's wealth. For example, one study found two people, with the same background, except one donates $100 and the other donates nothing. As a result, the $100 donor received 375 dollars in higher income.
    Why? Giving to others and helping people succeed in life increases donor happiness. Happier people are more successful. Successful people acquire intangible and tangible assets, thereby winning on all fronts. 
    How so?
    Donors and volunteers master their environment with an improved sense of control over the cause and effect of their actions. 
    Donors and volunteers strengthen their source of meaning, creating a feedback loop into greater happiness. More happiness=Greater Success.
    Through giving, donors and volunteers are often recognized as leaders. Leadership recognition leads to additional Success and the ability to continue making a positive impact.
    Increased community donors and volunteers amplify Social capital, leading to greater happiness, health, and prosperity among solid interpersonal networks. A salubrious environment is a wealthy environment.
    In what ways can you donate your time and/or resources and design happiness, health, and prosperity into your life?
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