• What is Wellness Tourism?

    What is Wellness Tourism?

    Content courtesy of Lisa Berretta, Account Manager, American College of Radiology; Member/Volunteer Wellness Tourism Association 
    Wellness tourism is a fairly new segment of the tourism industry and is defined by the Global Wellness Institute as travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing. Wellness travelers want to sustain, improve or kick-start a healthy lifestyle. Wellness tourism is a growing sector and has continued to expand throughout the pandemic as people are looking to vacation in destinations where they’re able to stay socially-distanced from other travelers. The pandemic has also made people think more about taking care of themselves and staying healthy.

    Wellness tourism is not simply a hotel with a nice spa, but certainly can include spa services as part of a comprehensive package. People are also looking for healthy food options, fitness activities and nature. It is also not to be mistaken as medical tourism which is travel to receive treatment for a diagnosed condition. Up until recently, wellness tourism had been considered purely luxury travel, but there are now opportunities at all price levels. There are even travel agencies and travel platforms devoted specifically to wellness travel.

    Last summer, I visited Eupepsia which is a wellness resort in southwest Virginia and wrote an article about my experience.

    More information on the industry can be found on the Wellness Tourism Association and Travel to Wellness websites.

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