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    We are revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with customized nutrition based on your DNA. We fill in the gaps where you are lacking nutritionally. Sleep better, feel better and simply have more energy. Our personal, customized IDNutrition is changing lives. Tired of TRYING to lose weight and the YoYo diets? Our Lean30 program is about sustainable changes for lasting results. Bid farewell to confusing diet rules! Our program is designed to feed your body, while helping transform your body in just 30 days. The program will help enhance metabolism (Slim+ & Lean), boost energy levels (Energy), provide a total meal replacement (NurishID™), and give you daily nutrients (Essentials Pack). Do you work out or play sports? Our IDFitness line helps you unleash your potential. We offer not just a simple Pre/Post workout, but the highest level of clinically substantiated and established ingredients known to help promote muscle tone, and also to prevent muscle loss as we age. Transform your workouts with enhanced muscular energy, courtesy of PeakATP in LOAD. Fuel your muscles with myHMB, a potent compound designed to stimulate protein synthesis and minimize muscle breakdown. With LOAD, you'll recover faster, reduce soreness, and witness astonishing muscle growth. Widely recognized for its ability to increase muscle cell volume, Creatine Monohydrate in LOAD delivers optimal dosage for explosive strength, power, and endurance. At IDLife we simply we take the guess work out of your nutrition and exercise. Get a blueprint of YOU!


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