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      LuLaRoe is a direct marketing company, existing to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing. LuLaRoe offers its retailers the independence to set their own pace and schedule. The company is named after three of the owner’s granddaughters: Lucy, Lola and Monroe… LuLaRoe!
      LuLaRoe clothes are fashion-forward, quick to market, on trend pieces in limited production amounts. The limited availability of designs and patterns (no more than 10,000 items are created from a specific print) has created high demand and “addicts” everywhere. The clothes are flattering, comfortable, and they are manufactured with attention to detail and a commitment to high quality.
      Consultants receive new prints every time they place their orders for new inventory with LuLaRoe. Highly sought-after pieces are referred to by customers and retailers as “unicorns” – a term used as a nod to the rarity of the item.
      LuLaRoe has built its business around in-home Pop-Up Boutiques and they are the foundation of the business for most LuLaRoe consultants. A hostess books her party with a retailer who then brings her inventory into the hostess’ home for the guests to come and shop. There is no presentation, no catalogs and no pressure! Guests get to come, try on, laugh with their friends, and take home their purchases. That same model can be used to provide a “Pop Up Boutique” on your business premises for your associates to shop during lunch or after business hours!

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