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    At The Naderi Center, we believe in specialization, because “Specialization Matters,” especially when it comes to minimizing risk and achieving the best possible results for you and your loved ones. Each of our four board certified physicians focus exclusively on specific areas of cosmetic surgery & dermatology. They are recognized as true masters in their field by both physician colleagues and patients. Patients can rest assured knowing that each of our doctors only offer procedures they perform frequently & masterfully. Specialization also means that our doctors can confidently guide you on what cosmetic results are realistically achievable with all of the important details such as risks, downtime, and healing. Each of our plastic surgeons and dermatologists chose their area of cosmetic specialization based on what he or she is the most passionate about and experienced in performing. Our patients come to us from all over the United States, as well as other countries due to our unique practice model that separates us from the traditional “we do it all” plastic surgery centers. Come see how “ultra-specialization” is the future of patient safety, results, and satisfaction.


    The ultra specialized and Board Certified physicians of the Naderi Center.
    Rhinoplasty by Dr. Naderi. He reduced her dorsal hump and deprojected and lifted her tip to give her a beautiful natural nose.
    Facelift, necklift, and lip injections by Dr. Kulak. This middle-aged, Caucasian patient looks like a younger, refreshed version of herself. The definition of aging gracefully.
    Tummy tuck with liposuction by Dr. Anderson.
    Lip injections by Dr. Snodgrass. She injected 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra to add volume and symmetry to the patient's lips.
    Ethnic rhinoplasty and facial fillers by Dr. Naderi. This lovely African American patient still looks like herself--but better!
    Upper and lower blepharoplasty by Dr. Kulak. The patient's overall appearance was rejuvenated while maintaining a natural, masculine, un-operated look. Dr. Kulak's artistic skills and abilities are unmatched.
    Breast lift by Dr. Anderson. Asymmetry was also addressed to give this patient the perky breasts that she desired.
    Tear trough injections by Dr. Snodgrass. This young, beautiful, African American patient looks more well-rested thanks to the improvement of her dark circles.
    Nonsurgical rhinoplasty by Dr. Naderi. These photos were taken two years apart with touch-up maintenance every six months. Liquid rhinoplasties are especially great for Asian noses.
    Lip injections by Dr. Snodgrass. A total of 2.5cc was injected over the course of one year to achieve these results. Fuller, but still very natural.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Dr. Erica Anderson
    Breast and Body Specialist
    Dr. Jessica Kulak
    Aging Face and Facial Rejuvenation Specialist
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    Sayeh Naderi
    Chief Operating Officer
    Dr. Shervin Naderi
    Rhinoplasty Specialist
    Ms. Ava Najafabadi
    Master Aesthetician
    Alexandra Snodgrass