• ICYMI: June's Networking Before 9 powered by Google

    ICYMI: June's Networking Before 9 powered by Google

    Content provided by Avril Aguero, Operations Assistant at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

    ICYMI... Networking Before 9 - June 16, 2022
    In case you missed it, our Networking Before 9 powered by Google event presented by our Innovation Council was a total success! Google has a range of products that help your business grow exponentially and the best thing is that they are free! So what’s stopping you from taking advantage of them?
    Here, we will provide a list of a few of the things we learned at the event!
    Google Business Profile:
    A business profile is what appears when you are looked up on Google. Location, reviews, website, information, phone numbers, etc. are all provided in a business profile.
    Having this tool allows you, as a business owner, to control details of what people see when they research your business on the web.
    The advantage of this tool is that it helps you grow your business with web analytics which helps you understand who your audience is engaging with, stand out and connect with customers.
    Google career certification scholarships for U.S businesses:
    To make it easy for businesses to help their employees get the skills they need, Google is providing a set of certification scholarships for employees beginning May 2, 2022.
    U.S. businesses can get up to 500 scholarships to train their employees. Each scholarship is worth approximately $100,000, the purpose is to create a budget for workforce training among different American businesses.
    What About Network Security?
    Fortunately, Google is one of the most secured updated platforms in the world. They custom design their security systems to include encryptions that help protect your personal data and information.
    Having a security system as strong as Google’s allows business owners to have peace of mind and know that their companies are being well protected! 

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