• ICYMI: August Networking Before 9 powered by Google

    ICYMI: August Networking Before 9 powered by Google

    Content provided by Avril Aguero, Operations Assistant at GRCC.

    Different Tools of Technology to implement in your business:

    In case you missed it, Networking Before 9 was a success! Google has a variety of tools that may be helpful when managing your business. Keep reading to find out more about Data Loss Prevention and Application Programming Interface and how they keep your business safe.
    What does DLP stand for?
    Data Loss Prevention is a tool that is available for Cloud Identity Premium users. Essentially provides protection for personal information in the system by removing it from public view to avoid information loss.
    This tool is a cybersecurity solution that detects and prevents data breaches and blocks the extraction of sensitive data. Many organizations like Google use it for internal security and regulation compliance.
    Is the software secure? The (DLP) software recognizes possible data breaches and prevents them by monitoring, detecting, and blocking sensitive data while the website stays in use, in motion, and at rest.
    What does API Security stand for?
    Application Programming Interface, also known as API, are programmatic interfaces to Google cloud platform services. They are a key part of the Google Cloud platform, and they allow you to easily add the power of networking, computing, storage and machine learning based data analysis. All available for your own application with Google Cloud services.
    Application programming interface (API) security refers to the practice of preventing or mitigating attacks on APIs. APIs are those who work as the backend framework for mobile and web applications. Therefore, it is critical to protect the sensitive data they transfer.
    Why is API security important?
    API security is important because businesses use APIs to connect services and to transfer data. A hacked API can lead to data breach which would become a liability for businesses.
    What does API entails?
    API is a software that serves as an intermediary that allows two different applications to communicate with each other. In other words, an API serves as the messenger that delivers your specific request to the provider that you're requesting it from with the purpose of delivering the response back to you.
    Do you want to learn more about different tools that help grow your business? Make sure to sign up for our next Networking Before 9 and join us!

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