• Leadership Part II: From Port to Aft

    Leadership Part II: From Port to Aft

    Content courtesy of Jason Jackson, Executive Director, Fairfax County Reston YMCA
    “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others,
    but far enough ahead to motivate them.”
    -John C. Maxwell
    If you read the previous blog, Leadership: From Bow to Stern, and answered the action item-questions, the quest you traversed provided additional light. Truth. Revealing who you are as a leader and where your ship is headed.

    The next step is making sure the angles of your navigation tools are positioned to the correct degree. Right and Exact. Valid and Sound.

    Socially Adept
    • Do you understand the capabilities of everyone on your team? Do you assign tasks to each employee that parity their skill set?

    BET the House:
    • Do you stop working on a task when you are tired, or do you stop when you are finished? Leaders display constant respect and adoration for conviction, commitment, wearing the diadem of discipline with pride.

    Revolving Evolution:
    • Leaders constantly challenge their own beliefs. Knowing the spoils of victory does not go to him/her who is the swiftest or strongest, but to the one who can adapt to the environment the swiftest, and to the strongest degree.
      • A great leader expects to receive only what he or she is willing to give.
      • A great leader sees the very best in themselves and helps others see the best in themselves.
      • A great leader designs better outcomes in life and teaches others how to do the same.
      •  A great leader uses empathy, passion, and intellect to Architecturally design a Universe worth working for. 
    Are you ready to lead? Deal and play… or no lead.

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